Rev. Terri Cooper, M.A., MFT

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About Rev.Terri Cooper

Rev. Terri Cooper, M.A.,MFT is a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a practicing Intuitive Reader and a Psychic Development teacher living and working in the Santa Barbara, Ca. area. Her curiosity and desire to connect with her spiritual center has led to her experiencing a wide variety of both psychological modalities and metaphysical masters. This enables Rev. Terri to bring to her work with her clients an integration of the psychological, metaphysical and spiritual, thus assisting people to come to a fuller conscious awareness of who they are as multidimensional beings.

Rev. Terri Cooper comes by her gifts through the female lineage of her family. Her grandmother was the Seer in her village in Romania. Terri was raised to accept her gifts from an early age and to use them in service to others. Terri is a Conscious Channel and feels her insights and guidance come from your Higher Consciousness which speaks with hers and which then, in turn, gives her relevant and necessary information to relay to you.


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